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April 27, 2008
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Yun-Shuno by blue-but-beautiful Yun-Shuno by blue-but-beautiful
Yun-Shuno, the Pardoner, was the Goddess of Forgiveness of the Yuuzhan Vong. She was the only deity the Shamed Ones were allowed to address; consequently they were the only ones who did so. She was said to possess a thousand eyes, and watched the Shamed Ones and protected them from the other deities; in addition, it was believed that she alone could cure certain Shamed Ones, allowing them to resume the station they once held before becoming Shamed. She was also the most grotesque deity in the Yuuzhan Vong pantheon, much like her "imperfect" worshipers. -Wookieepedia

Another part-traditional piece I did while I was away, I may add a digital version later on, though i've become rather fond of this version.

Yun-Shuno and all things SW belong to Yun-Lucas, the concept art however is MINE....or I will help you not ;)
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Qymaen Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
nice picture :)
blue-but-beautiful Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thanks muchly :D I recently re-did an interpretation of Yun-Harla too, you might like that :)
Todd-the-fox Featured By Owner May 14, 2010   General Artist
Damn thats really cool and very original :)
blue-but-beautiful Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thanks! Bit of an old one now, I should update!
FalconFan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
This is so cool: I love the palette, sort of reflecting the jarring state of the Shamed, and the multiple "eye-stalks" all over her, watching everything. You have a real gift for interpreting this species, and this piece reflects that very well--I could see this as part of a shrine the Shamed Ones had erected to Yun Shuno, a place to come and worship and make their appeals... Wonderful!
blue-but-beautiful Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thankyee :D :hug: that was my original idea with these type of figures, they were meant to be faceless as often the Yuuzhan Vong describe the gods in many different ways, yet essentially the same concepts in others. Yun-Harla in particular, but I tended to veer away from the idea that the 'many eyed mother' here, was just a bunch of eyes on a stalk lol.
FalconFan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2008
Your concept gives the illusion of both the figure of the actual goddess, though, along with her "many eyes;" an image, I would imagine, that made her more accessible to those who worshiped and petitioned her. :nod: I like it a lot!

Glit-Biter Featured By Owner May 9, 2008
Gorgeous colours, and great job blending them together. It has an eerie feel to it... Nice job!
blue-but-beautiful Featured By Owner May 9, 2008  Professional General Artist
Thanks very much :D Good to see you over here too!
Dracunnum Featured By Owner May 5, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice work ! I love the colours ! :)
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